Research Review: What Have We Learned About Adolescent Substance Use? PMC

For instance, adolescent rats given a sedative dose of alcohol not only recover in about half the time as do adults given the same dose, but they recover at higher brain levels of alcohol, suggesting that their brains are more resistant to the sedative properties of alcohol (Silveri & Spear, 1998). Findings such as these […]

‎Sober Motivation: Sharing Sobriety Stories on Apple Podcasts

This means that communicating choices is important for those around you to support you and seek out new options, activities and opportunities. The other day I didn’t think about booze at all, not even once. I didn’t realize this astonishing feat until the next day, and it stopped me in my tracks. It’s note-worthy because […]

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

She admitted she was dependent on alcohol and started seeing a counselor. However, it’s important to keep in mind that naltrexone will not prevent you from becoming inebriated or drunk from alcohol. Just because you can’t feel the typical “high” from alcohol while taking naltrexone, it does not mean you should drive or perform other […]